Who is accountable for the liquidation of the organization?

Liquidation is mandatory, when ordered by the court, on the petition of the voluntary or creditors, once the manager and the shareholders declare insolvency.
The tremors of liquidation are felt on all levels of a company.  It impacts all of the workers from top to base.  The directors/shareholders shed their resources and life investment; whereas the workers are left jobless.  The negative impacts of liquidation of business reach all spheres of the company world.  Your company partners, media spouses, spouses and the banks which managed your finances and business accounts, all endure to an extreme extent.
Liquidation of a business doesn't occur instantly.  It begins showing early indications of heading towards insolvency with different market indicators and trends.  Dip in earnings; over populous associations; inability to keep quality; failure to conquer the demand-and-supply gap are a few of the facets which are telltale signs of this impending fiscal crisis.
The policymakers of a business are responsible for distributing aggressive marketing strategies to acquire profit.  The auditors galway maintain a close eye on the market trends and compare the financial performance of the company along with different competitions.  Similarly, managers of departments should be monitoring the performance of the group members and maintaining a check in their output.  If those tasks are well handled, then there's entirely no explanation as to why a corporation should fail in any way.
Nonetheless, in recent times, we've seen the collapse of excellent economic multinational giants, both banks and lots of financial institutions.  Many small-scale companies in addition to significant company businesses are liquidated in the face of the economic recession.  Under those conditions, it's not possible to hold any single person responsible for the liquidation of the company.  Bad fiscal times don't take into account the immense hard labor and funds pumped into a business enterprise.  It requires everything with a storm, shutting one firm after another.
The vicious circle of the international credit crunch has murdered the business of several old in addition to new companies.  However, there are a whole lot of examples of organizations that have endured the storm.  Business policies and advertising approaches are susceptible to changing times and conditions.  Wise and timely conclusions can save a business from being liquidated.  From time to time, the whole manner a provider works must be revived; to be able to secure the enterprise to meet the challenges of demanding financial times.
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